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“Taking the FEAR Out of RV Maintenance for the RVing Woman!”

March 28, 2016 – It was my honor to host an exclusive webinar recently titled: “Taking the FEAR Out of RV Maintenance for the RVing Woman!” There are a bunch of us out there on America’s highways….doing the RV Lifestyle and struggling when it comes to RV Maintenance – not just getting it done but financing it, too.

I was joined by my guest –  Dawn Hernandez and Lisa Norman, both who are recent graduates of the RV Maintenance Triad Training class in Texas recently .  Just a little tid-bit of info about my guests….they both decided to take the course instead of their husbands. Listen in to the recording below to find out why …..and how this experience has enhanced their outlook on living and working in the RV Lifestyle. Plus, learn how you can be a part of this wonderful experience.

Meet Dawn! New graduate of the 5 Day Hands-On RV Maintenance Triad Training class in Texas!

Meet Dawn! New graduate of the 5 Day Hands-On RV Maintenance Class in Texas!

#RV Maintenance #Women RVers, #RV Maintenance for Ladies

Meet Elisa! New graduate from the 5 Day Hands-On RV Maintenance Triad Training class in Texas.

Could this be YOU?


March 2016 – Our month started strong with the Professor & I putting on a ‘New Hat’ as Rally Coordinators ….over the first-ever Redwood / CrossRoads RV Regional Rally. In the beautiful Mill Creek Ranch RV Resort in Canton, TX with 10 rigs in attendance…just happened to be all Redwood 5th wheels which was a beautiful sight. A shout out to all those who came to make history. We thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts.

Texas Regional Rally Attendeess March 2016We had folks come as far away as Kansas ….and as close as 30 miles down the road at Lake Fork, TX. Everyone’s enthusiasm was amazing….even with the major rains that fell early ….but we finished with sunshiny skies and gentle winds. Here are a few photos from our event.

Redwood Line Up More Redwood 5th Wheels3 days before the Rally, the attendees who chose to come early to do a 3 Day RV Maintenance class called “Mastering Your RV” taught by the one and only Professor Terry Cooper, the Texas RV Professor. It’s important to learn what we call the foundation subjects like ….the 3 RV Electrical Systems, Propane System and the RV Water Systems. We also touched on RV refrigerators, RV water heaters, RV air conditioning and RV furnace. It would not be complete without RV exteriors.

Outside hands-on learning about RV Batteries and other parts of the RV.

Classroom theory training.

Words from Deborah & Larry H. who attended the RV maintenance class with their thoughts.

Friday we were out on the town at Dairy Palace for those World Famous Hamburgers! What a treat along with Blue Bell ice cream!


Dairy Palace – Home of the World Famous Hamburgers!


A lot of happy RVers for sure!!!

20160311_124616While we were not eating…. we were being educated by Ron Russell from Trailer Performance Braking and Tires. With more from Terry Cooper on the Amazing RV Refrigerator.


Seminar – Amazing RV Refrigerator

Food, food and lots of it!!

and….Food, Food and Lots of it!!

Proud wearers of the Rally T-Shirts provided by Redwood / CrossRoads RV

We want to thank CrossRoads RV & Redwood RV for sponsoring this event and providing a delicious meal on Saturday noon catered by Baker’s Ribs Cafe in Canton, TX. Everyone agrees that the most scrumptious Fried Pies provided by The Original Fried Pie Shop were a real treat.

The orginial fried pie shop in Canton, TXThis event was the first of 6 Regional Rallies that the Professor & I will be at during the coming months of 2016. Next stop….. Tucson, AZ.

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RV Maintenance 5 Day Live Course

Ken is a recent graduate of the 5 Day RV Tech Course taught in Shipshewana, IN this past August of 2014. He is very open about the value this course brought to his life.  RV Maintenance for the consumer is being taught by Terry Cooper – RVDA/RVIA Master Certified RV Service Technician and Professional Instructor.  Learn how to take care of your rig by going to www.rvtechcourse.com

Terry Cooper – The Texas RV Professor

Redwood 5th Wheel Slide in Slide Schwintek System


Guest Blog by The Texas RV Professor (my husband)

RVDA/RVIA Master Certified Technician and Professional Instructor


Schwintek Slide-Out System Operation Tips

The Schwintek Slide Out system has become one most popular mechanisms we are seeing on today’s RV slide outs. This system consists of exterior mounted aluminum rails driven by dual 12 volt dc motors and managed by a power controller that talks to these motors.

Here are 3 things you can do to help your Schwintek slide out system operate more trouble free.

  • Have maximum battery power to operate the two 12 volt DC drive motors. You can boost your on board house battery by having your RV’s power cord plugged into the pedestal (shore power) or  have your 7 pin connector power cord hooked up to your tow vehicle if you have a travel trailer or 5th wheel.


  • Operate the Schwintek system only when the RV is level. You will need to level your RV before running your slides out. Then when you are ready to leave bring the slides in before raising your leveling legs.


  • Let the Schwintek controller decide when to stop the slide movement. We have been trained on all the other types of slide out systems to release the in/out switch when we see the room complete its movement. If you will continue to press the in/out button and allow the controller to be in full control, it will determine when to stop the room. This will allow the controller to count the motor rotations of the two electric motors and self-align the slide position.

Little things can make a big difference in enjoyment of your RV.

See more blogs like this at AmeriGo RV Club – written by my husband –  Terry Cooper the Texas RV Professor and co-owner of Mobile RV Academy.

Evada_Terry Cooper_Cookbook2

Understanding Your RV Refrigerator

There are many ways to keep your RV refrigerator up and working smoothly through this upcoming HOT summer. Even if you aren’t a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ person  you can still save yourself a lot of hard earned cash by doing preventative maintenance on the RV appliance to keep the serious issues at bay. There really is a lot of things know and way too much to put into this newsletter, however, we can cover a few critical points on just helping your unit run more efficiently.

Norcold 1200 series- My RV Refrigerator

My RV Refrigerator
Norcold 1200 series


  • Remember that for every minute the refrigerator door is left open it takes 1 hour for it to completely recover that cool temperature. If you have an ice chest or one of the new thermo electric ice coolers that can plug into the 12 volt cigarette lighter, this will provide access to beverages and other items needed on a regular basis.
  • To keep the food inside your RV refrigerator safe you will need to maintain the temperature inside the lower compartment between 34 degrees F. to 43 degree F.  Having a simple refrigerator thermometer hanging from one of the shelves will help you monitor that temperature. Know that once that degree hits 37 and lower, some items will start to freeze (veggies,fruits, eggs and more) My favorite degree span is 38 to 41 F.
  • If placing a lot of foods, beverages, etc. into your refrigerator – chill it down before doing so. Using an ice chest with ice would be a good way to do that. However, if you are placing a 6 pack of drinks (etc) in your already cooled refrigerator, place one bottle or can between those that are already cooled. This will remedy the heat transfer more readily.
  • You can increase the cool down time inside your refrigerator by50% and then help maintain that cool temperature by having a battery operated circulating fan sitting on the bottom shelf  of your unit. Since cool air settles to the bottom of your refrigerator, a circulating fan will pick up this cool air and throw it upward so it can be reused.
  • If you find that the temperature inside of your RV Refrigerator going up as the temperature outside of your RV goes up above 85 degrees F., you have what is known as a “refrigerator that is chasing the outside temperature”. This chasing is caused by poor air flow across the cooling coils that are mounted on the back of the refrigerator. Heat is not being pulled from these cooling coils so heat cannot be pulled out of the inside of  the refrigerator.
  • These RV refrigerators are vented and cooled one of two ways

a.) Air enters the lower vent that is mounted on the side of the RV  and vented across the cooling coils and out of the roof vent or

b.) If the refrigerator is mounted in a slide out you will have 2 sidewall vents. The cooling air is drawn into the lower vent then across the cooling coils and exhausted out the upper vent.

  •  Start by inspecting the rear refrigerator coils or upper vent for a birds nest, wasp nests or some other obstruction that could be restricting the cooling air flow.   If no obstructions are found, you will need to install a 12 volt or  solar powered vent fan on the back of the refrigerator just above the coils. This vent fan draws in air through the lower vent and pushes it across the coils and out the roof vent or the upper sidewall vent taking the unwanted heat with it.