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Lady E Cooper

 Tips –n- Tricks

  •  Do you flips over cottage cheese? A container of cottage cheese or sour cream will last twice as long if you put it upside down in your fridge. It creates a vacuum that inhibits the growth of bacteria that spoils food.
  • Store cheese in parchment paper for longer lasting good taste & freshness. ThisweekforDinner.com  
  • Store fresh pineapple upside down. Pull off the leafy top and flip your pineapple upside-down to redistribute sugars that sink to the bottom and help it stay fresh longer.
  • Keep lettuce longer – Lettuce can be stored up to a month in a glass jar to stay fresh.  madefrompinterest.net
  • Tomatoes dont like to be cold. People tend to think that placing tomatoes in the fridge will keep them fresh, but tomatoes should be stored at room temperature. Place them in a bowl lined with paper towel and keep the stems facing up to prevent bruising the top.  thekitchen.com
  • Plan what you are going to do with the leftovers, ahead of time, to prevent waste. Nearly anything leftover can be added to firm mashed potatoes, shaped into little patties and pan brown on both sides in a bit of oil. Served with a slice of turkey & cranberry sauce is yummy.
  • If serving ham is your choice for Christmas dinner (or any other holiday meal) then try the slow cooker method. Plan on 8 hours on the low setting with your favorite seasonings and a little water will come out perfect every time.
  • Thanks to its high sugar content, honey has an indefinite shelf life. While it may become more solidified or change color over time there is an easy fix. Always store in jars and raise the temps to warm to remove crystals. Never use high heat. goldcountryhoney.com
  • To help neutralize the acid, add 1/4 tsp of baking soda when cooking cranberries. You will find you will need less sugar. Only cook till they pop….cooking longer will result into mush.
  • The secret to a much tastier fresh apple pie is to choose 2 or 3 types of apples. Variation in flavors (sweet vs. tart) is the key.
  • Did you know that cooking a turkey at a lower temp for a longer period of time will make your bird more moist? With regular basting…the results will be wonderful every time!
  • Instant mashed potato flakes will work as a great thickener for gravy and produces no lumps.
  • Use ‘pick-a-size paper towels’ for everything. Use them to wipe out dishes prior to washing – which saves water. submitted by: Janice Barry  (it also keeps most all food particles & grease from going down the drain into the grey water tanks.
  • When traveling with items that are bulky and odd in size, store in the original box to save space. Outer storage (in cargo hold) works well for these items, also.
  • Try to use square or rectangular edged containers when storing any condiments or things you want out of the packaging like cornmeal, beans, rice and etc.  These are called straight lines. When using these types of storage containers….you are using the space available to its maximum.
  • Here is a little RV kitchen tip to use while traveling. Insert paper plates between your breakable plates, saucers and bowls. Also, the Styrofoam kind works well, too.
  • Use a peel & stick cork board on the inside of your cupboards or pantry door for recipes or little notes.
  • When going out RVing for the weekend or other short trips, consider using a Food Storage Saver that vacuum packs your items. This works well for thawing frozen meats. All chances of contamination are avoided when thawing  raw meats like beef or chicken your refrigerator during this process.
  • When you’re baking, leave butter and eggs at room temperature overnight for best results.
  • When making fruit pies, sprinkle the sugar under the fruit instead of on top. This prevents pie from boiling over.
  • If you can’t stand mixing raw hamburger by hand and the wooden spoon just won’t do, try covering each of your hands in a clean plastic bag (or baggy) and dig in. The plastic bags will still give your hands and fingers free movement, yet keep them free from raw meat contamination.
  • When taking prepared dry mixes out of the original packaging (like Bisquick, gravy mixes, brownie mixes) always cute the instructions off the packaging and store it inside the new storage container.
  • Do you have an old box of baking soda in the pantry and you’re not sure whether or not it’s still good? Fill a small cup half full with vinegar and drop a teaspoon of baking soda in it. If things start fizzing, the baking soda is active.
  • I never peel a boiled egg. Save time by cutting in half with a knife and scoop the egg out with a spoon. 
  • Buying staple ingredients that can be used in multiple recipes to have on hand at a minutes notice. Look for those when on sale! 
  • Carrots last for months in an airtight container in the refrigerator (you may wrap any greens in damp paper towels).
  • Buy staple ingredients that can be used in multiple recipes, especially if they are on sale.
  • The best eggs for boiling are at least 3 days old.
  • Make a paste of vinegar and baking soda to clean a stainless steel sink.

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