RV Kitchens – Which Is Right For You?


While the RV type, the price or the floor plan may drive the RV buying decision, statistics show that the two most critical items in today’s RV are the Kitchen and the Bathroom.

Whether you purchase your RV new or used or whether you are a full timer or a weekender.  Family, Friends and Food make up the recipe of the successful RVing experience. So choosing the right RV Kitchen is essential to being a Happy Camper.

Regardless if you are a gourmet cook that loves to plan and prepare meals ahead of time or you are someone who just wings it with the microwave and a campfire here are 3 things to consider.

1. Storage – RV kitchens have limited space and most kitchens have very narrow and shallow cabinets for storage. Know how much space you must have for your food and utensils. On RV shopping day take a small measuring tape with you to size up the storage areas. Check the depth behind those cabinet doors and in drawers.    

2. Space for Food Prep – Look for counter space around the stove top and sink area. Is there enough room for your recipe books, bowls, pots and utensils?  In some kitchens the only food prep area is on the dining table.  If you require more space – shop accordingly.

3. Clean up area – Do you require a full size sink? What about a place for draining the dishes?  Clean-up is a must. How much space do you need?

 Keeping a critical eye on these three areas will help in finding the RV kitchen that is right for you.


NOTE: This blog is among many that I have written for AmeriGO RV Club.  Please go check them out.  They provide valuable information for the all of us RV enthusiast.

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