RV Kitchen Collapsible Products by Progressive International

Measuring Cups by Progressive

I was first introduced to Progressive International products when I was invited to come speak at the first Culinary Experience sponsored by Camping World/Good Sam Club at their 2012 National Rally in Louisville, Kentucky.  Progressive had a very large array of collapsible products on display  that would work great in the RV kitchen.  Other than the Camping World stores, Progressive can be found at lots of different outlets.

My first Progressive purchase was the Progressive International 5-Piece Set Collapsible Measuring Cups, Blue . What I love about these measuring cups (besides that fact that they collapse) is that there is a tiny magnet in the handle of each cup that forces them to stay connected while in the drawer or where ever you decided to store them. Progressive did share with me that the magnets would soon be going away because of the cost of magnets are going up sharply in price, so I hope you get yours before that happens.

I do recommend Progressive International – as a company that offers a durable RV kitchen accessories and other products  that works very well in My RV Kitchen. I would hope that you will give them a try, too.  I feel confident that once you have….you will enjoy their products as much as I do.  Below you will find a product carousel from Amazon that displays some of my favorites for Progressive International. Take a look.

5 thoughts on “RV Kitchen Collapsible Products by Progressive International

  1. Marilu Neally

    I love my Progressive products and the measuring spoons and cups are wonderful. However on the cups the sizes seem to wear off. Has this happened to you? I really like the ones for putting fruits and vegetables (2 sizes) and the dish drainer. Well actually, I like everything I have purchased.

    1. LadyECooper Post author

      Marilu, it is good to hear that you are loving your Progressive products. So far, I have not seen any wear on mine. As all companies do, I am sure they are constantly working to improve. So, with that being said, it is exciting to see what they will be coming out with next. I know you will agree, I find it is real easy to spread the word about products that work well and helps make my life easier in My RV Kitchen.

  2. Gail Alexander

    Great news from Progressive. They were removing the magnets from the collapsible measuring cups and magnetic spoons but have decided they aren’t going to do that. Love them with the magnets as they stay together in a drawer.

      1. Gail Alexander

        We were happy about that too LadyE. We were going to carrying them because you can get cups and spoons anywhere but not the ones with magnets that keep them together in our small kitchen drawers.


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