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    1. Judy Jones

      Lady E, during the RV Tech Training in Indio, CA, when you had the session in your RV, you talked about Thrive Life foods. We are thinking of ordering some of their products and I was wondering if you had used any of their cheese items? I wish they had a small sampler set with just a few servings so you could try something with out having to purchase a large serving amount.

      Thank you,
      Judy Jones

      1. LadyECooper Post author

        Hi Judy,
        Yes, I have tried the cheese. In fact, 4 different ones. Awesome. I dont know of any sampler set…but from my kitchen – we give them A+! I ordered the pantry cans and it works well for us. Thank you for your comment!

        Lady E Cooper

    2. Sondra Thompson

      I am going to purchase an countertop induction unit and would like to know if I should purchase on that is 1300 watts or 1650 watts? What is the difference? Is it like the microwave and food will cook faster in the higher wattage?

      1. LadyECooper Post author

        Hi Sondra, thank you for your questions. I would go with the highest wattage that you can find. The lower the wattage the slower it will cook. There are lots of choices on the market and basically doing the same thing. You are right on in thinking that the wattage difference is the main thing to look for. Thank you again…. and Happy RVing!

    3. Linda Marshall

      Having trouble figuring out how to use the bake/microwave option on my convection and microwave oven. I have a 2015 Redwood 38RL. I can’t figure out how to set the temperature. It just tells me in the directions how to set the time.

      1. LadyECooper Post author

        Hi Linda – Thank you for your note. I do apologize for just now responding. We just finished up the Hershey RV Show in PA….it was a busy time for sure. Now, to address your question.

        Here are the steps to using the Bake/Microwave feature. Place your food product inside and close the door. (still use the circular rack if possible.
        1. Select bake & micro feature
        2. Select amount of time for microwave
        3. Select bake/brown (convection)
        4. Select the desired temperature by pressing a number on the key pad.
        5. Select the bake/brown (convection) again
        6. Select the desired time for the convection.
        7. Select start
        Keep in mind as you going through these steps….you are selecting the microwave time first which is only about 30% of high power. Once you select start, you will hear the magnatron starting and stopping as it is doing its job. When the time has counted down to zero, the convection will turn on and continue to heat up to the selected temperature in step #4. As the time counter continues to count down on the time you selected in step #6.

        When using this bake/micro feature, it should allow you to cut down the amount of time needed…. about 25% over all. The magnatron supports inner cooking while the convection supports the cooking from the outside in. This is a great feature that I use when my recipe requires approximately an hour or more of cooking time – it shaves off some time. Experiment with this feature to actually find the good temperature and times that work well for you.

        Happy RVing!


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