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RV Kitchen Storage: Items That Work Best!

How can we maximize our limited RV kitchen space? By choosing to use the right storage containers and utensils in our kitchen.

Here are some great storage suggestionstorage containers 2s:
• Choose storage containers that have straight-lines that can maximize every square inch of your cupboards.
• Move pantry items out of the various boxes and odd shaped jars and into storage containers that are clear plastic or acrylic that are stackable and have inter-locking lids. This will allow for better use of space when you travel. Don’t forget to place the cooking instructions and labels inside the storage container for later use.
• Mixing bowls that nest nicely, staying with the straight lines, if possible. Angles on our bowls can chew up valuable storage space.
• Choose pots, pans & skillets that also nest. Look for a nesting set that has a variety of sizes but can be stacked and stored in the smaller footprint.
• Install a plastic magazine rack to the inside of a cupboard or pantry door that can house all your loose aluminum and plastic wraps as well as the different sizes of boxed baggies.
• For larger serving utensils, chip-clips and other odd shaped kitchen items, place them in one or two storage containers to keep them under control and in one location.

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‘RV Kitchen Storage: Items That Work Best!’

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RV Kitchen Storage Solutions

Keeping our RV refrigerators packed full of our favorite fresh fruits and vegetables is not realistic due to the high potential of food spoilage. However, there is a way we can stock our pantries with a wider variety of foods that is lighter in weight than canned goods. It is through the simple process of dehydration. By dehydrating we extract moisture from fruits, vegetables and even meats we can get more into a smaller footprint in our RV.

Here are some Dehydrating facts:

  • The most natural way to prevent food from spoiling is through preserving it through dehydration.
  • It is a proven fact that dehydrating your foods saves you money.  Buying in bulk at a Farmers Markets or while it is in season is very cost effective and nothing’s better than organic home grown fruits & vegetables.
  • When done properly, foods can last for months and even years.
  • Reconstituting foods with water or other desired liquids will only take 5 to 20 minutes depending on the temperature of the liquids.
  • It is a perfect option if you are into the healthier lifestyle.

What a wonderful thought – Imagine going out to the campsite after a long week of work at your 8 to 5 job and not having to spend valuable family time going to the grocery store for supplies.  All your food prep has been achieved through dehydration and you bring all your meals with you in your RV in a small footprint of storage.

RV Kitchen Storage Solutions- Getting More Into a Smaller Footprint

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RV Kitchen Collapsible Products by Progressive International

Measuring Cups by Progressive

I was first introduced to Progressive International products when I was invited to come speak at the first Culinary Experience sponsored by Camping World/Good Sam Club at their 2012 National Rally in Louisville, Kentucky.  Progressive had a very large array of collapsible products on display  that would work great in the RV kitchen.  Other than the Camping World stores, Progressive can be found at lots of different outlets.

My first Progressive purchase was the Progressive International 5-Piece Set Collapsible Measuring Cups, Blue . What I love about these measuring cups (besides that fact that they collapse) is that there is a tiny magnet in the handle of each cup that forces them to stay connected while in the drawer or where ever you decided to store them. Progressive did share with me that the magnets would soon be going away because of the cost of magnets are going up sharply in price, so I hope you get yours before that happens.

I do recommend Progressive International – as a company that offers a durable RV kitchen accessories and other products  that works very well in My RV Kitchen. I would hope that you will give them a try, too.  I feel confident that once you have….you will enjoy their products as much as I do.  Below you will find a product carousel from Amazon that displays some of my favorites for Progressive International. Take a look.