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Terry Cooper – The Texas RV Professor

Redwood 5th Wheel Slide in Slide Schwintek System


Guest Blog by The Texas RV Professor (my husband)

RVDA/RVIA Master Certified Technician and Professional Instructor


Schwintek Slide-Out System Operation Tips

The Schwintek Slide Out system has become one most popular mechanisms we are seeing on today’s RV slide outs. This system consists of exterior mounted aluminum rails driven by dual 12 volt dc motors and managed by a power controller that talks to these motors.

Here are 3 things you can do to help your Schwintek slide out system operate more trouble free.

  • Have maximum battery power to operate the two 12 volt DC drive motors. You can boost your on board house battery by having your RV’s power cord plugged into the pedestal (shore power) or  have your 7 pin connector power cord hooked up to your tow vehicle if you have a travel trailer or 5th wheel.


  • Operate the Schwintek system only when the RV is level. You will need to level your RV before running your slides out. Then when you are ready to leave bring the slides in before raising your leveling legs.


  • Let the Schwintek controller decide when to stop the slide movement. We have been trained on all the other types of slide out systems to release the in/out switch when we see the room complete its movement. If you will continue to press the in/out button and allow the controller to be in full control, it will determine when to stop the room. This will allow the controller to count the motor rotations of the two electric motors and self-align the slide position.

Little things can make a big difference in enjoyment of your RV.

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