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Lady E & Professor Cooper – 2010

  • A Full time RVer who is a published author of a cookbook titled, The RV Centennial Cookbook – Celebrating 100 Years of RVing (1910-2010)
  • Past owner and operator of a deli-style restaurant in central Texas for 15 years, which gives her hands-on insight in the cooking industry
  • Has produced 12 recorded segments with RVNN.TV called “RV Kitchen with Evada Cooper” which provides great information about living easier in the RV kitchen.
  • Writer for RV Full Time Families Magazine, AmeriGo RV Club and other RV magazines.
  • Evada offers RV Kitchen seminars across the United States at RV shows, rallies,  dealerships and campgrounds.
  • Evada and her husband, Terry Cooper – The Texas RV Professor, manage their online business, Mobile RV Academy, while traveling full time in a 2017 DRV FULLHOUSE JX450


    Lady E & Professor Cooper

Evada Cooper, also known by RV regulars as “Lady E”, teaches men and women alike how RV cooking can be just as fun as creating family style meals in a full size kitchen. Her motto – Being prepared is the key to success! With so many things to learn about the differences in the RV lifestyle vs. traditional home-style living, Evada brings a wealth of knowledge to those seeking to live successfully in their own RV kitchen.

Packing, storing and discovering tips and tricks are the types of things you will learn while attending her seminars. However, the lessons don’t stop there, Lady E’s seminars are fun, informative and interactive; for Evada gives attendees tips on electrical needs for the RV kitchen, understanding and helping the efficiency of all the appliances like the RV oven, convection/microwaves and the amazing RV refrigerator. From maintenance, regular upkeep to special recipes and more, Lady E is the go to gal for learning all there is to know about living successfully in the perfect RV kitchen.

Mobile RV Academy is a consumer and professional based training academy, specializing in RV maintenance for men and women alike; the Cooper’s travels the country offering their maintenance and kitchen seminars to RV lifestyle consumers and those interested in learning more about potentially purchasing an RV and living the RV lifestyle.



Who am I? What is my story? 

I am very proud to say “my people” come from a long line of hard workers (farmers/ranchers).  My father was the bread winner of the family and never changed jobs for over 30 years. My momma was a stay-at-home mom who raised 4 children, me being the youngest. The core values that my parents taught me were: You are never wasteful, when working for yourself or others…you give more than 100% and you always put others before yourself.  That is where I came from…. those values are what I choose to be as an adult.  There is no doubt in my mind that because of how I was ‘raised’ by my folks all those years ago….resulted in me having the passion that I do today for serving others.

Other than leaving my hometown of Rockdale, TX for college…. back in the late 70’s, my roots had always been in that small town.  At the age of 27, my mom and I opened a deli/café together …with my mom being a great cook…but neither of us having no experience in the food industry at that time…we stepped out in a wing of faith and ran that successful business for 15 years specializing in catering business events, weddings and a dine-in business.  It was a gutsy thing to do…and we did it and with no regrets.

My RVing experience really began .. when my children where young with us having a pop-up, before that we tented as a family.  What great fun we all had going RVing in the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico during our 2 weeks summer trips.  Even with our busy schedule we still managed to get away on weekends to visit many of the State Parks. During all that time….we owned 3 different RVs; 2 pop-ups and 1 travel trailer.  As I reflect….I never knew I was setting myself up…..for one day…..an RV would be my home and my lifestyle would be one of such adventure.

At the age of 47, a life change came in a huge way.  With a divorce came a purchase of my first 5th wheel and relocation that took me to a new location in  Texas. I suppose I entered into the Workamping lifestyle at that time not knowing it even existed.  Living fulltime in my RV brought new heights of frustration because of not knowing how my RV worked. However, being a woman of faith I knew God was leading and I would follow…and as it would happen He led me to Waco for a new job and to meet ‘my Knight in shining armor’…. Professor – Terry Cooper.

With the new trend of meeting folks – an online site called Match.com became the avenue of the dating game. Thankfully, I only kissed one toad before my Prince came calling.  Had he put on his ‘profile page’ on Match.com that he was a Master Certified RV Technician and taught that subject at the local technical college – Let me tell you, I would have snatched him up a lot sooner…but he had not! So, you could have imagined my surprise…when he started talking my language!!!  Six months later, we were married and I knew everything I needed to know about my RV.  More than that…I found this man had a solid foundation….no sifting sand.  He was my match sent from heaven.

Being A Workamper

Many great things happening almost immediately……in the spring of 2009 – meeting the Anderson’s, Steve and Kathy Jo – owners of Workamper News and they inviting us to start training in their online Workamper University; This opened our eyes to a this huge world of Workamping. The Professor and I used our passion in helping people… whose success in the Workamper experience was vital.  Being a woman …..It’s my passion for women to know how their RV works …to get out on the road with confidence and know…that they can resolve most all the issues that come with ownership.  To me….being prepared results in success. For this reason the Professor and I put together the RV Maintenance for Ladies.  I am so proud to be a part of this program. We did it live on the internet in an 11 week session in the spring of 2011…then placing all this information on CDs so it now has become a ‘learn at your own pace’ type of program.  Wow…the results were terrific.

My Love Project

My new cookbook was launched onto the market in April of 2011.  This was a love project that began in the fall of 2009, when I decided to do something special for the celebration of the national RV Centennial (1910-2010).  I am proud and honored to have a publication that was endorsed by the president of the RV Industry Association (RVIA) as being the official cookbook of the RV Centennial Celebration which turned out beautifully.

Our Business

Today, I basically working as admin our online business, Mobile RV Academy….doing so out of Lady DRV. (Our 2017 DRV FULLHOUSE 5th wheel is our home as we ‘workamp’)  The Professor does his professional training full time and we move around to where ever he is needed next. Together we go to RV rallies, shows and campgrounds giving seminars.  Me – specifically, I teach others how to live in their RV kitchen with ease.  Having lived the RVing lifestyle fulltime……I know folks want to know how the kitchens work. Like – How to help our appliances work more efficiently – How to put more foods in less space…and so more.  In 2012,  the National Good Sam / Camping World Rally (in Louisville, KY and Daytona Beach, FL) flew me out to give seminars to the thousands of folks attending. ….just part of the Workamping experience, my friends!!

Can You Become A Workamper?

It is important to me that people are prepared for success. First, become educated about your RV and Workamping. Second, find something that you can get involved in as to start your own business and run it straight from your RV, like the Professor and I do.  I love the analogy that the Professor has about income.  Picture a wagon wheel and you are the hub.  All the spokes coming into the hub are avenues of income. Should any of the spokes break….the wheel can keep turning but always replace the broken spoke and get it back online as soon as possible. We know those breaks are inevitable so let’s keep the wheel tuned and in good running order and keep it that way.

You can also look at those spokes as areas of education. For example…You are the hub and being a successful Workamper is your goal ….then those spokes are areas of education or preparedness that you need to acquire to be successful.  I believe that the overall picture is more obtainable.

Now, the third point I would like make is….It’s time to pull the trigger. Basically, get off the fence and into Workamping life experience.  One thing you can never change is time that is lost. Don’t lose time by sitting on the fence or sidelines…watching the world by.

A Very Special Moment in Time

The last thing I will share with you is something that I truly love to mention.  This happened a few months after the Professor and I married and we were praying about starting a new company called Mobile RV Academy.  The Lord gave me this word….that I feel is so lovingly put:  ‘Hold hands like little children and take a leap of faith’…. that’s exactly what we have been doing ever since and our world has been amazing.  Let me ask you – ‘Is it time for you to take a leap of faith in your life?’


Lady E Cooper – My RV Kitchen


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